The KOLKATA CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY STUDIES (KCCS) has been established by a group of academics in 2011 who aspires to leave a mark in the field of contemporary studies on various social, economic and political issues. It is dedicated to develop human potentialities and expand social opportunities through advocacy, debate, discussion and workshop by involving all common intelligent people. The Centre stands for research and inter-disciplinary thinking and studies on gender, minority, religion, multiculturalism, marginality, displacement, poverty, peace, human rights, citizenship, communication, sustainable development and all issues of international concern in the backdrop of the interface between India and the changing global scene. It aspires to become a comprehensive Resource Centre. It also aims to reach out to global parameters by local efforts through collaborative research and interactive programmes. It is committed to bring out books, reports, useful pamphlets, brochures, special souvenirs and other publications through print, audio-visual and online media from time to time based on outcomes and findings of the researches done under the guidance of the Centre. The Centre publishes its e-Journal Inclusive biannually. The Governing Body of KOLKATA CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY STUDIES (KCCS) consists of -