Vol. 1, Issue 15 - January 2020


The 2020 January edition of the UGC-CARE listed journal INCLUSIVE is now published. In this opportunity it is important to draw the attention of all concerned that like the previous occasions this time too large number of papers submitted for publication have been rejected mainly on the following grounds:

  1. Unabated plagiarism
  2. Poor expression of thought, lack of coherence and clarity
  3. Repetition of the contributors' previously published articles
  4. Poor English
  5. Failure to meet the deadline
  6. Others

Once again I urge upon the contributors/authors/researchers/scholars not to submit articles, essays and papers having above-mentioned limitations since the submitted articles and essays are thoroughly checked with the help of improved technological supports.

Also it is conveyed to all concerned that Inclusive does not charge any publication or processing fees. Papers are selected only on the basis of merit and importance of the topic. Any demand for money for publication is fake and that has no connections with the journal.

In pursuance of our ethical policy I request all to inform us immediately with proof/evidences if any fradulent demand/claim is made.

Contact email id: sbagchi84@gmail.com

Subrata Bagchi